Challenge yourself to help After Adoption

Get a real sense of achievement… face your fear head on and raise money for After Adoption. Whether it’s a guaranteed place in the London Marathon or Vitality London 10000, a skydive or the ultimate challenge of one of our overseas treks and bike rides, there’s something for you!


This really is a once in a lifetime experience. The minimum sponsorship amounts are £395 for a tandem skydive and £360 to jump on your own (for this you will need to undertake training over 2 days). From these amounts After Adoption receives an average donation of £140 and you receive your parachute jump for free.


From a gentle 5k to a mammoth full marathon, running is a great way of raising funds for After Adoption and giving you a personal challenge. We have guaranteed places in the London Marathon and Vitality London 1000.

Or, you can choose just about any run to enter and fundraise for After Adoption with the same support.

Overseas challenges

A world of adventure awaits you. Walking the Great Wall of China or cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia. Trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the World, or biking from London to Paris. There’s something for you! And if our favourite four overseas events don’t appeal, get in touch as we have a host of others.

See our overseas events below…


Great Wall of China Trek

Join us on the trip of a lifetime as we trek the Great Wall, visit Beijing and discover China’s amazing cultural past! Click the arrow to find out more.

London to Paris Bike Ride

Connect two of the world’s most chic capital cities as you embark on the charity bike ride challenge of a lifetime. Click on the arrow to find out more.

Kilimanjaro Trek

This 10 day trek will take you to the roof of Africa, 5895m above sea level to the top of Africa’s highest mountain. Click the arrow to find out more.

Vietnam to Cambodia Bike Ride

From the patchwork of bright green rice paddies to the rugged mountains and white sandy beaches you can’t fail to be bewitched by the traditional charm of this journey! Click on the arrow to find out more.

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