Could you adopt a child like Richard?

Boy on father's shoulders

Richard is a five year old who loves building with Lego!

He is a quiet little boy, who enjoys building cars with his Lego bricks and playing Buckaroo and Shrek games with his carers. Richard also likes to sit and read books, especially at bedtime, and particularly enjoys his book about animals. Richard enjoys watching children’s programmes on television or riding his bike outside.

Richard currently attends school where he is thriving in his reception class. He enjoys craft activities and takes great pride in sharing his accomplishments with his carers. His school teachers report that Richard is a loved member of the class and they are extremely pleased with the progress he is making.

He has made excellent progress with his current carers and he’s come out of his shell. He’s very active and likes to be entertained.

Richard is in good general health and there are no medical concerns. He does have anxiety around food and can get upset if he doesn’t know when he’ll next be eating. He needs reassurance from his carers.

Richard would benefit from a strong routine and good boundaries.

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