Could you adopt children like George, Amy and Ella?


Family of three siblings playing outsideGeorge, Amy and Ella are five, four and one year old siblings who love playing outside and interacting with others!

George is a lovely, friendly, outgoing little boy who loves to play with his friends. He enjoys watching Peppa Pig and he likes to play outside on the trampoline and slide. 

Amy is an observant little girl. She is very close to her brother George and she enjoys spending lots of time with him. Like her brother, Amy loves Peppa Pig and being outside. She also enjoys imaginative play.

Ella is a very sociable and outgoing baby. She loves to interact with adults and other babies by smiling and babbling. Ella can crawl and likes to explore. She has just begun cruising. 

George can sometimes present challenging behaviour. When he gets tired he can have tantrums that are difficult to manage. However, with the right boundaries in place these are minimised. This behaviour is only present in the home so there is no concern that George has a behavioural issue. It may be his reaction to being unsettled. 

Amy does have slightly delayed speech. This is beginning to improve and she is now able to communicate much better. Amy is on the waiting list for Speech and Language Therapy to support her with this. 

Ella is meeting all her milestones and is developing well. She has no health concerns for the future.

George, Amy and Ella all have dry skin and need to be creamed. Amy and Ella have mild eczema. 

George really enjoys going to school and he is currently in reception class. He has lots of friends and he likes to do spelling and reading. He is progressing well and there are no concerns for George’s development. He also likes to play school at home. 

Amy has just started nursery. She loves going and playing with all her friends! There are no concerns regarding her development aside from her speech delay. 

Ella attends lots of play-groups. She is confident and likes interacting with everyone. There are no concerns with her development. 

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