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Our Adoption Support Services ensure that everyone affected by adoption has the support they need to live happier lives. After Adoption has over 27 years’ experience in delivering adoption support services and we provide adoption support to over 1,000 families every year. Working closely with local authorities, we have consistently demonstrated a real breadth of experience alongside an innovative, results-led approach.

After Adoption works with over 120 local authorities and are members, to date, of nine Regional Adoption Agencies. Our flexibility, experience and commitment to best practice means we can effectively support your organisation’s needs during this challenging time. From our flagship therapeutic parenting programme, SafeBase, to our support for adults searching for birth parents, we will ensure that you are best placed to provide a high-quality joined-up service to all those affected by adoption. A pro-active problem-solving approach means we are quick to develop bespoke solutions that you may require, to meet your objectives and budget requirements.


This is an outstanding adoption agency in all respects. A significant strength is the excellent support to adoptive families. This is wide ranging, of a high quality, delivered tirelessly and professionally and very well received. One adopter commented, “Of all the help available, After Adoption is constant and by far the best”.

Ofsted Inspection Report, 2015 (Head Office, Manchester)

Our services:

  • SafeBase therapeutic parenting programme
  • SafeBase in the Teenage Years
  • SafeBase for Schools
  • Therapeutic Intensive Adoption Support Services
  • Parent Groups
  • Family Events and Activities
  • More Family Support
  • TalkAdoption
  • TalkAdoption Camps and Short Breaks
  • ReUnite
  • BirthTies
  • Breaking the Cycle
  • Child-led Family Finding


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You may also be interested in:

SafeBase Therapeutic Parenting Programme

SafeBase is After Adoption's flagship therapeutic parenting programme. It creates a strong foundation for loving and lasting relationships, giving children the confidence to feel safe and secure with their parents/carers.

SafeBase in the Teenage Years

SafeBase in the Teenage Years is our 2-day therapeutic parenting course for adoptive parents and carers of teenagers.

SafeBase for Schools

SafeBase for Schools enables school staff to effectively support adopted pupils, and those in care, to reach their potential. It provides practical strategies for support.

Therapeutic Intensive Adoption Support Services

Our range of therapeutic intensive adoption support services is very complex and individual packages of therapeutic support can be designed to meet each family’s assessed needs.

Parent Groups

Our monthly groups for parents cover many topics related to adoption, such as managing challenging behaviours, identity, child internet safety and grief and loss.

Family Events and Activities

After Adoption offers many family events and activities, so adoptive parents can meet informally with adoption support workers to discuss worries, as well as meet with other parents.

More Family Support

Our qualified team provide adoption support assessments on behalf of local authorities.


TalkAdoption is a national programme which offers adopted children and young people a safe space to meet. It aims to improve young people’s self-confidence and reduce their sense of isolation through creative and inspiring group activities and discussion.

TalkAdoption Camps and
Short Breaks

Our therapeutic residential camps help build the confidence and self-esteem of adopted young people, giving the whole family a well-deserved break. They provide adventure and create a memorable and meaningful experience.


ReUnite helps adopted young people and adults to safely access their adoption records, when they feel ready, providing advice, support and counselling. It also helps adults searching for relatives, providing support to both parties during the process of search, intermediary and reunion.


BirthTies provides a bespoke service to birth parents whose children have been adopted, or where adoption is being considered for their child.

Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle, a Midlands-based project, supports birth mothers suffering grief and loss, teaching them the importance of self-care and helping to build their self-esteem.

Families that Last - Child led family finding

Families that Last specialises in finding families for children who wait the longest, working closely with local authorities, the child is at the centre of everything we do. Our innovative methods ensure that diverse children get the diverse families to match their needs.

Training and events

After Adoption provides a range of training opportunities for those working within the sector, to support professional development and inform best practice.


After Adoption has produced a range of resources for everyone affected by adoption, as well as professionals.

Professionals Referral Process

If you are an adoption professional and would like to make a referral for services, please complete the online referral form.

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