Winsome Richbell-Brown

HR Manager

I have worked in human resources all my working life, initially in the public sector before moving into the private sector in 1999. I then started my own HR consultancy in 2006. I am a Fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and have a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. I am passionate about good human resources and the enormous impact the right people can have on an organisation’s road to great success.

Since joining After Adoption and leading 
our HR support service, I can honestly say I 
have loved our journey together. Everyone
 has been welcoming and it is one of the
 friendliest of places I’ve worked. The staff 
are passionate about the vital services we
 provide to people affected by adoption and
 work together to provide an excellent service. I sincerely look forward to a long and happy association with the agency.


ActionLine: 0800 0 568 578
Family Finding and Adoption Support