Viv Slyfield

Head of Adoption Services - Midlands, South West and South

My role in After Adoption is responsibility for the Midlands, London, the South West and Wales with lead responsibility for our work with birth parents. I bring experience in social work over the past thirty years. I qualified as a social worker with a Masters degree in social work and following work as a generic social worker I specialised in work with children and families early on in my career.

After direct work with children and families I moved into management roles in local authority, developed inspection of family placement services and moved into inspection bodies, including work in a national adoption inspection team. Following a return to local authority management of adoption support I moved to work in a VAA as Head of Service. This has given me a range of knowledge, skill and experience, as well as links within adoption in the Midlands, which I bring to my current role.

ActionLine: 0800 0 568 578
Family Finding and Adoption Support