Sara Schofield

Interim Service Manager - North West

I have been with After Adoption since December 2016. Originally Team Manager for TalkAdoption, I have recently taken up the role of Interim Service Manager for the North West.  This involves managing a range of services that includes BirthTies, Intermediary Services and Access to Records, as well as self-funding work. Since arriving at After Adoption my learning has not stopped!  I have the pleasure of working with very experienced, knowledgeable and hard-working staff.

Prior to joining After Adoption I worked for a very long time at a children’s charity undertaking both social work and therapeutic roles within areas such as domestic abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, drug and alcohol misuse. Prior to this I worked with the local authority with young people in care, or at risk of being placed into care.  I qualified as a social worker in 1993 and later in my career I also obtained PGDip in Play Therapy.  One of the biggest rewards of working with people is seeing them become empowered, making positive choices and moving on with their lives.

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Family Finding and Adoption Support