Gill Kelly

Lead Service Manager - Quality Assurance, Training and Professional Development

Having tried to ‘retire’, I am currently part of the
Senior Management Team with responsibility for
 quality assurance, training and professional development. I have held various roles within the senior team since 2009, enjoying the variety – I cannot recall what ‘retire’ means, I am happy to say!

I bring knowledge, skills and experience to the role. This includes experience 
of adoption, being an adoption panel member for another agency, leading and managing teams, project management, writing and delivering training, event organisation, contract management, delivering presentations, workforce development, representing After Adoption internally and externally, and auditing.

Feeling strongly that our successes are due to effective team work, recognising we all have our individual roles, responsibilities and are accountable for our practice, I have a ‘can do, let’s do’ approach. As well as having a sense of humour, I am resilient and strive to give my best.


ActionLine: 0800 0 568 578
Family Finding and Adoption Support