Donald Lowe

Director of Finance and Support Services

As a qualified accountant, I hope to dispel the myth
that accountants are boring! I’m passionate about
 the work of the organisation and am told I have a 
dynamic style, which brings life to even the most boring financial reports!

I have been with After Adoption since May 2005. My background is in local authority financial and corporate management and I’m a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), with a wealth of experience in managing organisational
 financial risk.

Since joining the organisation, I have
 raised the standard of risk management
 across all significant income streams, enabling After Adoption to maintain its 
respected position at the forefront of the
 adoption charity sector. I’ve also delivered training to other organisations working in adoption, helping to deliver improvements 
in financial management across the sector. This follows our ethos of sharing and promoting best practice.

Alongside my financial responsibilities, I have also overseen the management of the charity’s capital assets, including both the property and IT infrastructure. I have a track record in managing change and have assisted in leading the organisation through a period of transition and growth, including the relocation and subsequent expansion of its head office and the significant development of its IT infrastructure.

My extensive experience in both the public and the charitable sectors means I have the best mix of skills and experience to continually improve the financial management of the organisation.

ActionLine: 0800 0 568 578
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