Daljit Gill

Team Manager - Breaking the Cycle

At eighteen I ventured out into the world of work as a nursery nurse and later progressed into social work. I have thirty years work experience in local government, working with children and families in education and social care, as a nursery nurse, social worker and manager. I have been very fortunate in creating a fulfilling, challenging and mostly enjoyable career. Along my journey I have acquired knowledge, experience and expertise whilst developing resilience.

I currently manage the Breaking the Cycle programme. I thrive in developmental roles as I have a strong passion to support people, to make a difference in their lives. I fiercely believe everyone deserves the best possible chances in life. It was this passion that inspired me to join After Adoption in 2014, to both develop and pilot a unique two year programme for birth mothers. Breaking the Cycle supports birth mothers who have lost their children to adoption, with a view to prevent repeated adoptions. My vision for Breaking the Cycle was to develop a programme that would support and facilitate birth mothers to embark upon a personal journey of self-reflection and to encourage and inspire them to take back control of their lives, in order to make positive informed decisions and choices into the future.

ActionLine: 0800 0 568 578
Family Finding and Adoption Support