Olympian Jamie Baulch tries to find his birth dad after emotional search to find his mum

Just two years ago, former Olympian Jamie Baulch shared the story of how he finally found his birth mother after an emotional search. But after meeting the woman who gave him up for adoption as a baby, he now wants to find out who his biological father is. A new TV documentary follows Jamie as he tries to find the answers to so many questions about his past:

* why is he so fast and where does his running ability come from?

* was Cwmbran Stadium, the place he trained as a child, the key to his athletic success or the strong black role models who helped his career including Colin Jackson , Linford Christie and Darren Campbell?

* does he in fact owe his athletic success to his biological father who he believes is of black Jamaican origin?

Jamie Baulch, Olympian

Jamie Baulch, Olympian

After Adoption’s Brian Madder supports Jamie in searching for his birth father, raising the profile of After Adoption and its services. Emma Peacock, Marketing and Communications Manager, After Adoption, commented, “The search proves difficult, and the documentary successfully illustrates the frustrations and emotional ups and downs of tracing a loved one.”

With of his blood line potentially of Caribbean origin, Jamie – who was adopted by Marilyn and Alan Baulch aged just six months and grew up in Risca, near Newport – reaches out to the black community of Nottingham, where he was born.

The documentary shows him hitting the streets trying to find clues and uncovers more about the black Jamaican community and culture there than he ever anticipated.

The new one-off documentary on BBC One Wales is a follow up to the programme which saw him go in search of his birth mum.

Viewers saw the father-of-two meet his birth mother, Teresa Patay, who sadly passed away this week.

The documentary is available on iplayer:


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