Manchester Evening News reports on post-adoption depression

Manchester Evening News published a story this week focusing on a Rochdale couple who adopted two girls and a boy, and the Mum’s struggle with post-adoption depression, which doctors believe results when the idealised expectations of motherhood fall short of reality. You can read the full story here.

Helen Williams, Head of Service – Adoption Support, explains, “As an agency with many years’ experience, we understand that adoption can bring challenges, as well as plentiful rewards. With this in mind we ensure that our adopters receive comprehensive training and support as part of the assessment process and beyond.

“We help adoptive parents to grow their skills, giving them the confidence to parent successfully, adapting our training to their needs and the needs of their future family. Our adopters tell us they are happy recommend us because we provide this lifelong support as and when they need it.

“Our team also understands that for adopters their support network is vital, and to enable their friends and family to support them throughout your journey, we deliver specialist training.”

After Adoption understands the impact of post adoption support and has trained counsellors who specialise in adoption to offer robust and timely counselling support to adoptive parents. Helen Williams added, “We advise anyone who is struggling to contact us, and we can provide information and advice – there is help out there. Families should also know that the Adoption Support Fund is available for families who need to access therapeutic support.”

Find out more about our therapeutic adoption support services here.

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