Improving outcomes for children in central England

Adoption Central England (ACE) has received funding from the Practice and Improvement Fund to develop a set of innovative tools to improve assessment and matching for children and prospective adopters, to improve outcomes.

The project, led by After Adoption, ACE and Barnardo’s, in partnership with Coventry University and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, was launched 1 Nov 2017. It will see a systematic overhaul of the assessment and matching process for adopters and children in the region, to support evidence-based permanency decisions.

This will include moving away from a one size fits all assessment model, the development of specific parenting model and tools and training for social workers and adopters in parenting.

Importantly, an evidence based-methodology will be developed of working out adopters’ unique strengths and skills in order to have better information for matching and understanding what might be required to make a placement work. Better assessment of children will enable adopters to be confident that the children’s needs are fully understood, and that they can support complex placements in a consistent and evidence-based way.

This will ensure that ACE can successfully place more complex children.

Iain Moore, Head of Business Development at After Adoption, commented: “We are looking at changing the way we assess children and prospective adopters so that we can make better matches. This means that the families will be better able to meet the needs of children, and that we can identify and provide tailored and effective post-adoption support that helps them to thrive.”


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