Helpline for anyone affected by adoption in Wales

A new joint helpline has been set up in Wales which for the first time will offer support to all parties affected by adoption from across the nation.

After Adoption and Adoption UK in Wales have joined forces to create the new helpline – Wales Adoption Support.

The helpline, operational from Monday 3rd April, is staffed five days a week (Monday to Friday) from 10am until 2:30pm.

Calls to the helpline will be fielded by staff or volunteers, most of who are adopters themselves, and who all have a great deal of experience and expertise, both professionally and personally, on all aspects of adoption.

Ann Bell, Adoption UK’s Director Wales, said: “A joint helpline for people who need adoption support in Wales makes perfect sense as currently there are two which causes confusion to callers who aren’t sure which one to use. It’s much simpler to just have one.”

Callers don’t have to be in real difficulty, they may just want a chat…

The new helpline is for everyone touched by adoption – birth parents, adoptive parents, prospective parents and adoptees.

Ms Bell continued: “Birth parents may wish to call the helpline about contact arrangements if they’re not working for them. We get a wide-range of calls from adopters and prospective adopters, on anything from ‘My partner’s American, can we adopt in this country?’ to ‘we are really struggling with the behaviours our child is displaying and we don’t know what to do’. We also get questions from adult adoptees about how to trace their birth parents.

“Callers don’t have to be in real difficulty, they may just want a chat or to tell someone some good news about their adoption process that only someone else involved in adoption can really appreciate,” she added.

The service, which can also be accessed by long-term foster carers and non members, is available in both Welsh or English.

Anyone wanting to call the helpline can do so by dialling 029 2023 0319.

ActionLine: 0800 0 568 578
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