Adoption in the news…

A number of media outlets have been covering a story about a couple claiming they have been turned down as adopters because of their cultural heritage.

You can view the story here.

We need adopters for children now, and are likely to need more adopters over the coming months. Nationally, children of all backgrounds are waiting for adoption – and while there will be cases where it is relevant, generally speaking the ability of prospective adopters to parent a child and take account of that child’s particular needs will be more important than their ethnic origin. People who would like to adopt can always consider applying to After Adoption’s Families that Last, or other voluntary adoption agency, for approval; voluntary adoption agencies provide approved adopters for children across the UK – which means that children nationally are able to benefit from what they have to offer, and that potential adopters have more opportunity to be matched with a child or sibling group.

Natasha Hidderley, Head of  Adoption Services (Families that Last) at After Adoption, commented: “At Families that Last we recognise and value individual uniqueness in each child and the importance of individuality and uniqueness being represented in the families we seek to approve. What is important is that each family is fully supported and strengthened to enable a lifelong commitment to adoption.”

Those interested in adopting can find out more about the valuable lifelong support we offer throughout the adoption journey can find out more here.

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