2018-19 SafeBase programme dates announced

SafeBase is After Adoption’s therapeutic parenting programme for all adoptive families and other permanent carers. It is a strength-based approach which seeks to develop and strengthen the personal resources, confidence and resilience of parents and carers and to build specific skills needed to care for and nurture a looked after child. It is listed as a course in Scope, the ASF Service Categorisation document.

The programme is made up of a bespoke, individual session with the family, a 4-day taught parenting programme and then on completion of the course, on-going access to regional topic-based groups and access to a valuable online community designed specifically to support SafeBase graduates.

Importantly, SafeBase explores the impact of loss and trauma upon a child’s attachment and development and helps adoptive parents and carers gain an understanding of the impact of a child’s past experiences of trauma and loss. The use of Theraplay® principles and activities gives a framework for parents to engage with their child in a non-threatening and fun way and helps them to reflect on way to respond to their child in a sensitive and attuned way.

The benefits of our programme have been demonstrated by families’ feedback and evaluation, which shows an increase in carers’ confidence, insight and parenting skills – giving hope for the future.

Find out more about the programme here, and download the calendar below.




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