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Are you or your children adopted? Age 7-25 years? Want to meet other adopted children and young people? TalkAdoption could be for you!

TalkAdoption is a national programme for adopted children and young people. TalkAdoption In Wales covers South and West Wales.

We hold groups for adopted children and young people ages 7 to 25 years old and bi-annual family days. Our family days are for ALL the family.

Our monthly groups offer a safe and supportive space to meet, have fun and have an opportunity to explore issues which are important to adopted children and young people. Our activities are designed to build confidence, self-esteem and strength a sense of identity. The group is very much led by the children and young people, their ideas, their thoughts, their voice. The groups are for ages 7-10 years old and 11-25 years old. We currently run groups in Cardiff and Swansea.

TalkAdoption encourages and promotes the voice of adopted children and young people. This is achieved by supporting group members to attend/speak at adoption events such as those run by National Adoption Service In Wales, Local Authority adoption teams and other adoption agencies. This provides an important opportunity for adopted people to have their voices heard by the wider community, by professionals involved in adoption, their peers, and teachers at school. This type of activity is open to all who wish to take part, but is not part of our monthly sessions.



Upcoming events

You can find out about our upcoming events in Wales by taking a look at our calendar. If you would like to book a place on any events, please get in touch with the TalkAdoption Wales team.

TalkAdoption Calendar June-August 2018


What do we get up to?

Our activities are as diverse as the young people involved. Read about some of our past activities below.

What’s Bugging You?

This unique and exciting workshop helped the children and young people explore how they communicate their feelings by investigating body language in animals. Children and young people learnt about (and held!) hissing cockroaches, a prickly hedgehog, a tarantula and a chicken. This enabled them to understand how they and others around them express and communicate emotions.

Indoor Climbing Session

Our recent session of indoor climbing, had children and young people working together in teams tasked with a challenge. They had to communicate and support each other to climb some really quite scary looking walls! They achieved so much in one day, experienced climbers supported the first timers and the day ended with the Leap of Faith (jumping off a ledge 8 metres high!)

Introduction to music and percussion

Children and young people took part in a fantastic music workshop to introduce them to composition and percussion. They learnt as a group and individually how to play a few songs. Some had experience in music and others not so much, however they all supported each other (and the youth worker!!) to play a tune together.

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