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TalkAdoption in the North East is here for adopted children, young people, aged 0-21 years, and their families in the North East region (from North Yorkshire to Northumberland and everywhere in between!). The TalkAdoption Team works closely with the Steering Group (made up of adopted young people) to ensure that the activities, groups, session and events that we provide are reflective of the needs and wishes of adopted young people in our region, with an added creative twist flowing throughout our service. We develop and provide activities within safe environments where people are able to express their feelings, build their confidence, learn new skills, strengthen their own sense of identity and meet others in similar situations… all whilst having fun!

The overarching aim of TalkAdoption in the North East is to work together to build stronger families.

TalkAdoption North East offers regular family days, play groups, adoptive parent’s sessions, creative workshops and young person’s groups and events. We also regularly encourage and enable older adopted young people to get involved in service development within the organisation via the steering group or young person’s group. This includes helping to plan and host the events and activities provided by TalkAdoption, as well as having opportunities to get involved with project presentations and addressing key decision makers to share your experiences with prospective adopters, education, health, legal and social care professionals.

‘What I enjoy most about coming along to TalkAdoption activities is the feeling of not having to worry about what people think about me being adopted’  – adopted young person


What do we get up to?

Our activities are as diverse as the young people involved. Read about some of our past activities below.

TalkAdoption Family Farm Fun Day

Adoptive families from across the North East joined TalkAdoption as we had fun at the farm! We marvelled at all of the resident animals and enjoyed a thrilling tractor ride around the farm! We enjoyed our picnics in the barn after bottle feeding young lambs. Afterwards, families were able to explore the rest of the exciting activities the farm had to offer, including being able to hold rabbits, guinea pigs and new born chicks! Our family days are a brilliant opportunity for adopted children and their parents to meet other adoptive families in their area and to talk with them in a fun and comfortable environment.

‘Lovely meeting other parents and children’

‘Everything was great, start to finish’

TalkAdoption does Infinite Air

TalkAdoption and the young people involved experienced extreme trampoline at the UK’s largest indoor trampoline and free run park, Infinite Air. We were bouncing all over the place- enjoying the single beds, tumble tracks, raised platforms and we even played trampoline dodgeball! And afterwards we had a group chill out and chat with added pizzas… mmmmmmm…

‘I really enjoyed doing a flip and playing trampoline basketball!’

‘It was EPIC’

TalkAdoption Messy Play

Messy fun was had by all in our TalkAdoption Messy Play session. Adopted children (and parents too!) had fun painting and printing, cutting and sticking, rolling and chopping, building and creating! And to round off the session, we all decorated some yummy scrummy biscuits, which went down a treat!

TalkAdoption Fashion Art Workshop

Sissy Rooney of Street Style Surgery joined the gang to create fashion art masterpieces! Young people were able to design and add a bit of ‘street style’ to a standard tee using Banksy-esque stencils, Marabu fabric spray paints and other bits and bobs! Attendees were able to keep their completed tees… and were able to wear them with pride!

TalkAdoption World of Curiosity and Play

Adopted young people and their families joined TalkAdoption, Pady O’Conner and his collaborators from Mee Mee Theatre for a fascinating journey through the TalkAdoption World of Curiosity Play. Adopted children and young people were able to explore their emotions and feelings in a safe and creative environment. All attendees, children and grown-ups, we’re involved in various games, theatre playing, mask making, carnival puppet creation, shadow puppet creating and performing and much much more! Fantastic fun has been had by all and those young people involved have gained confidence and developed new skills in the performance and creative arts arena- well done to all involved!

Steering Group

This regular group that gives thoughts and opinions to shape the way TalkAdoption delivers its service recently provided valuable feedback to inform the development of this sector-wide animation ‘What adopted children think you should know’ video.

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