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TalkAdoption Midlands runs camps, events and artistic workshops for adopted children and young people and their families.

We’ve got lots of experience working with adopted people aged 0 to 21 of all backgrounds. We work really closely together, listening to our young people’s ideas and suggestions to put on the most fun and engaging activities.

Creative arts are a fantastic way to promote creativity and emotional wellbeing. Our events offer a truly unique experience that engage children and young people so that they want to get involved.

We provide a safe environment where everyone feels respected, equal and free to explore new experiences and adventures. We listen to our group’s feedback so that we can keep on improving and delivering events and activities that young people want to be involved in.

We’d love to welcome more children and young people to our activities.


I felt comfortable because I know that we have all had similar experiences – Young person who attends a TalkAdoption workshop.


What do we get up to?

Origami Workshop

This family event introduced the group to the art of Japanese Origami, an ancient method of folding paper into amazing creations. The event was delivered by a Japanese artist whose ancestors passed on this traditional knowledge. Families went home with their unique creations and were enthusiastic about the workshop.

Ukulele workshop

In this workshop young people had the fantastic opportunity to learn how to play the Ukulele and have a go at song writing. Everyone had their own Ukes and learned how to play three famous songs. The young people worked in groups to write their own songs and performed for their parents who couldn’t look prouder!

Go Ape

Young people had the chance to visit the multi-award winning activity centre in Staffordshire. This was a fantastic event with lots of adrenaline and excitement. Young people loved the Tree Adventure and were so happy to overcome their fears and achieve their goals.

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