Welcome to TalkAdoption in Merseyside

TalkAdoption Merseyside is based in the centre of Liverpool which gives us fantastic access to our city’s varied amenities. The people of Liverpool are renowned for their friendly manner and this is certainly present within our groups.

Our aim is to reduce isolation, enhance relationships and build confidence. Although we are TalkAdoption, there is no pressure for anyone to talk about their experiences but groups provide the opportunity for that to happen naturally should a child wish to with other group members or an experienced adult. We gain feedback across the year from our steering group which gives children an opportunity to steer the TalkAdoption group in the way they need, to give their opinions and advice for TalkAdoption.

While TalkAdoption is a service for children and young people, our parents are wonderfully supportive of each other and regularly use the free activity time to grab a coffee together.

We cover the whole of Merseyside, and have many group members from outside of merseyside too. All adopted children and young people are welcome, if you can get to our groups we would love to meet you.

Our service is for 7 to17 year olds which are split into two age groups 7 to 11 and 11+, we meet between two and four times a month, typically on a Saturday or Wednesday evening; how often you wish to attend is your choice.

Why should you attend a TalkAdoption activity? They are fun, you will achieve things you never thought you would, whether that will be making a new friend or abseiling down a building. Often it can feel you are the only person who is adopted, like you are the only person in your school or neighbourhood, come meet some other people with similar experiences to you.

What do we get up to?

Our activities are as diverse as the young people involved. Read about some of our past activities below.

Free Running

We hired a local free running centre, were children learnt basics of free running; rolling and jumping over obstacles even somersaults a jumping into a pit. Both age groups loved this activity, building confidence in their ability as well as building stronger friendships.

Performing Arts

As part of a project link with higher education, we utilised the expertise at one of the Liverpool specialist performing arts institutes. The group played some fun games, learnt some theatrical terminology and came up with their own sketch that was later performed for the parents. A day filled with laughter; using team building, negotiating and many amazing ideas from the groups creative imaginations.

Steering Group

This regular group that gives thoughts and opinions to shape the way TalkAdoption delivers its service recently provided valuable feedback to inform the development of a sector-wide animation ‘What adopted children think you should know’ video.


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