A therapeutic journey for young people.

TalkAdoption is our national support service for adopted children and young people. It encourages adopted children and young people to build relationships and learn new skills, and boosts their confidence.

We offer regular activities in a safe and supportive space to enable young adopted people to meet, have fun and make new friends. They also have the opportunity to explore issues which are important to them.

It’s so comforting for me to know my son has a place where he can go where he’s able to be himself. As his mother that’s all I’ve ever wanted – to know he is loved, liked and accepted. – Parent of a TalkAdoption group participant



Activities are varied and driven by the young people themselves, who co-produce the service. Activities are often creative, and therapeutic, and have included drama workshops, animation, film-making, photography, graffiti art, drumming sessions, puppetry and much more. The idea is to ensure there is something for everyone, and to give young adopted people a real sense of achievement as they gain new skills.

Not only do our young people develop the service, they have also taken part in high profile government consultations to help direct the future of adoption support. At After Adoption we are passionate about giving them a voice.

Whilst TalkAdoption is primarily a service for children and young people, our parents provide a network of support for each other too.

To find out about regional TalkAdoption activity, please visit the below pages:

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