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The Family Session is a tool based on the principles of Theraplay® and helps you to understand the interactions within your family. You are asked to carry out a series of simple play activities and a SafeBase trainer observes and discretely films the session.

If you’re daunted by the prospect of being filmed it may reassure you to know that parents/carers who have attended SafeBase found it to be a positive experience. They also report that it really helped them to better understand the relationships in their family.

The SafeBase trainer uses the filmed session to write a report for you based on the interactions they have observed between you and your child. The report tells you about your strengths as a parent and also provides a useful insight into different approaches to parenting and how these may help in strengthening your relationship with your child. The SafeBase trainer arranges to meet with you about a week after the session to discuss the report with you and to view the film together.

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