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We are looking for a diverse range of people across the North West, North Wales, Yorkshire and the Midlands to adopt, and we work nationally to match adopters with children who are waiting. It’s easy to enquire with us and you’ll receive our information pack straight away.

There are few restrictions on who can adopt. You need to have the fitness and energy to keep up with a child and be able to support them into adulthood. You must legally be a UK resident living in the UK, and have been so for at least 12 months.

There are many myths about who can and cannot adopt. These myths can stop people from coming forward as they are worried that they will not be accepted as potential adoptive parents.

However, at Families that Last, we look at the widest range of people possible to become adopters to match the diversity of children we family find for.

Will my age make a difference to being able to adopt?

Adopters need to be over 21 but there is no upper age limit. The key question we’ll ask is – can you provide a stable home for a child until adulthood and beyond? People of all ages can, and do, successfully adopt.

Consideration will be given to your age in relation to the age of the child you want to adopt i.e. younger children are more likely to be placed with younger parents.

Couples can adopt where there is a significant age difference between themselves, and as above, it may be most appropriate to consider an older child depending on the adopter’s ages.

Will my sexuality make a difference?

Being heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, is not a factor in your eligibility to adopt. What we are looking for is people who can provide a loving, secure and supportive family to children.

I've already got a child. Can I still adopt?

Having children already will not exclude you from adopting, whether they are living at home with you or have grown up. Consideration will be given to the age gap between your own children and the age of the child or children you wish to adopt, in accordance with their needs.

Can I adopt if I'm single?

Single people can adopt, whatever their gender. Many single people and unmarried couples have successfully adopted children with us.

Will my health or weight make a difference?

Consideration will be given to your physical and mental health and lifestyle-related issues, and we’ll need to know of any specific health risks to you. We’ll need to consider what impact these could have on parenting a child.

We’d encourage to give us a call if you have a physical or mental health issue or a weight issue you’d like to discuss. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so it’s worth having your questions answered. We treat everyone as an individual; we’re non-judgemental and look for your strengths.

Being slightly overweight won’t stop you adopting a child. It’s only a problem if you are dangerously overweight and your doctor thinks this poses a threat to your health.

I smoke. Does that rule me out?

You can still adopt if you are a smoker, but we won’t be able to place a child under five with you. We would also not match you with a child who has a condition such as asthma. To ensure you can be there for a child into adulthood and beyond, we would encourage you to stop smoking. If you have quit smoking for a period of six months or more, we can consider your application to adopt a child of any age that we are family finding for.

If you use E-cigarettes, we will consider your application to adopt a child of any age, as long as you have not been smoking regular cigarettes for at least six months. In your assessment we will look at your use of E-cigarettes and being a role model for the child or children you adopt.

I have a disability. Can I still adopt?

Disability is only one of the many issues that will be considered by Families that Last, so don’t rule yourself out before you have had a conversation with our team. Being disabled will not automatically exclude anyone from becoming an adopter and we recognise that disabled people can often provide a very loving home for a child.

I've recently undergone fertility treatment. Do I have to wait?

We would be happy to discuss adoption with you and answer your questions as soon as you’re ready. We would, however, only be able to accept a registration of interest (formal application) six months after your last treatment has ended. We can point you to online training in the meantime and give you more information to help you prepare.

Do I need a spare bedroom?

We find families for children who are in the care of local authorities. There is an expectation from most local authorities that children will have their own room and not have to share with children already within the household, so we do ask that anyone applying to adopt with us has a spare bedroom.

I've got a criminal conviction. Does that rule me out?

Not all criminal convictions would rule you out from adopting, so we’d encourage you to talk to us and to be open and honest.

If you or someone in your home has a criminal caution or conviction for offences against children, or certain sexual offences against adults, then you will not be able to adopt.

As part of your assessment we will carry out an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring service check. As this is an enhanced check, no convictions are considered spent, so it’s important to give us as much detail as possible from the start. If we later find out that you have a conviction or caution we didn’t know about, that can cause significant issues in assessing you to adopt.

We are happy to discuss this in more detail with you.

Does my employment status or income level matter?

As part of the adoption assessment, your financial circumstances and employment status will be considered.

But being employed or unemployed, or on low income or on benefits will not automatically rule you out.  You can be an adoptive parent while on low income or benefits.

We will need to know that you have the means to support any child(ren) but you do not necessarily need to earn a particular level of income to be considered.

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