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I am thinking about adopting

Adoption is life-changing and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our Families that Last team supports you throughout your assessment, giving you training, one-to-one advice and guidance.

Exploring Adoption events

We hold regular events so that you can meet the team, find out about the process, the children we family find for and the lifelong support we provide.

How it works

Starting the process of adoption can be exciting and daunting. Let us guide you through the process from the first phone call to our lifelong support.

Lifelong support

What makes Families that Last unique is the level of support we provide at every stage of your adoption journey. This includes supporting your new family for life, giving you access to a comprehensive package, including award-winning training, which you can tap into whenever you need it.

Our families

Diverse children need diverse families. Here are just a few of our adopters who want to share their stories, including some of the challenges and the many rewards...

Who can adopt?

There are many myths about who can adopt. These myths can stop people from coming forward as they are worried that they will not be accepted as potential adoptive parents. However, at Families that Last, we look at the widest range of people possible to become adopters to match the diversity of children we family find for.

Children waiting

All the children placed for adoption with us are unique and have their own skills and talents. They often come from difficult backgrounds and are living with foster carers.

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To find out more call: 0300 456 2656 or email familiesthatlastteam@afteradoption.org.uk

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