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At After Adoption we understand the lifelong impact of a child being adopted and the affect this can have on the whole family.

We provide support to birth families searching for an adopted person who is at least 18.  We also provide information and advice and are able to help you to make contact if the adopted adult agrees.

We know that searching for a family member can be difficult and we will help you deal with your feelings, supporting you all the way.


50 years ago I gave my baby son, Robert, up for adoption and kept it a secret. Eventually I had the courage to contact After Adoption. The Adoption Support Worker there helped me through the ups and downs. It was some journey.

In all the years after the adoption I regretted the mistake I made and wondered if Rob had a happy life; he was always in my thoughts.

When After Adoption eventually made contact with Rob and told me that he wanted to contact me, a massive cloud was lifted.

He is now a part of my life and my two daughters lives – blood brother and sisters. Now I think of him everyday with a smile on my face instead of tears.

Pat, Birth Mother.

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