TALKadoption for Young Adopted People

What is TALKadoption?


Adopted young people tell us they want to get together and talk about what adoption is like for them.

TALKadoption groups meet monthly and during school holidays. It is an opportunity to meet and socialise with other adopted people through a range of fun and creative activities including graffiti art, creative arts, drama, music, film-making and more!

TALKadoption groups also offer you the chance to express your emotions and share your experiences with others from similar backgrounds, helping to explore your identity and build self confidence.

Newsflash: After Adoption to Take Part in the Big Consult

Many adopted children have experienced abuse and neglect in their early lives and require ongoing support. The Department for Education in England has introduced a number of reforms to help these vulnerable children and young people lead positive lives, for example, the pupil premium, priority school admissions and, from next year, the new £19.3 million Adoption Support Fund to make therapeutic services available to families when they need it. In partnership with Department for Education, After Adoption, Adoption UK, and Yorkshire and Humber Adoption Consortium, are consulting with adopted young people to hear what they think about adoption support, learn more about what they want, and what more they think Government should be doing to improve services. Their views will be taken to the heart of Government to help influence and shape services.

Get Involved!

If you've been adopted, or are in the process of being adopted, you are not alone. 1 in 4 people in the UK have been affected by adoption in some way.

We want people to understand how it feels to be adopted so that they support adopted young people better in the future. We're looking for young people to help shape our project and join our groups.

We currently have projects running for 0-21* year olds in 4 areas across the UK and we're hoping to expand this further. Click on the areas below to find out what's happening near you, and see how to get involved:


*Age restrictions do apply in some areas

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Support for Adoptive families

Our SafeBase parenting programme supports adoptive families who are struggling to support their children