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The Family Session is a tool based on the principles of Theraplay®.

It is used to help the parent/carer to understand the interactions within their family. Parents who have attended SafeBase told us that the Family Session helped them understand the relationships in their family.

The Family Session is a way of commenting on the relationships between the parent/carer and their child. They will be asked to carry out a series of simple play activities and a SafeBase trainer will observe and discretely film the session.

The SafeBase trainer uses the filmed session to write a report, based on the interactions between the parent/carer and child. The report explains their strengths as a parent and will also provide an insight to using a different approach and how this might help. The SafeBase trainer will arrange to meet with the parent/carer about a week after the session to discuss the report and look at the film together.

Some families are daunted by the prospect of being filmed but we do get a lot of positive feedback, about the insight it has given them.

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