Gail Jackson

Deputy Chief Executive

I am a qualified social worker, with 20 years’ experience in both child care and adoption. I hold a Masters degree in Social Work and a post qualifying certificate in Management. Since 1993, I have worked for a number of local authorities and voluntary adoption agencies, in both the USA and UK, and held management roles over the last ten years.

I have many years of experience in adoption, having been a panel member for the Independent Review Mechanism since 2003, a professional advisor to a VAA adoption panel and an agency decision maker in two different voluntary adoption agencies.

Before joining After Adoption in January 2014 I was the Deputy Chief Executive and agency decision maker for a VAA in the Midlands.

I am passionate about my work and since joining After Adoption, have been inspired by the culture and those here.

After Adoption is an organisation that seeks to innovate and grow in order to meet
the changing needs of those affected by adoption; those who use our services are at the heart of everything we do.


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