Bridget Betts

National SafeBase Manager

I have been so fortunate to have had an interesting and varied career in social work over the past 35 years, working for the most part in adoption and fostering. One of the most challenging positions I have held was managing the complaints service for a large local authority. I learnt a lot about politics and processes in local
 government and also the fact that I am not the 
most patient person!

The highlight of my career so far has been establishing Adoption Activity Days as a way of family finding for children. The courage, commitment and wisdom of colleagues who took this journey with me has had a huge impact on me. It made me realise that almost anything is possible if we are prepared to work together in a spirit of collaboration, partnership and mutual respect.

I am excited to be working with the SafeBase teams across the organisation to deliver and develop a programme that, thus far, has made a difference to so many families.


ActionLine: 0800 0 568 578
Family Finding and Adoption Support