Worried about your child being adopted?

Are social workers talking about your child being removed from your care?

Is your child already part of
an adoptive family?

Call us at any stage of the process on 0800 840 2020 and we can help support you.

BirthTies is a support and information service for birth families whose children have been adopted and where adoption is being considered.

We provide independent advice when you need it most.

After Adoption can:

  • listen to your concerns and help you understand what’s going on.
  • support you if you are going to meet the adoptive parents.
  • offer support and advice with letterbox contact.
  • introduce you to other people who are going through the same situation.
  • provide support to birth relatives.

Call us on 0800 840 2020 or email actionline@afteradoption.org.uk   

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For those of you in search of the charity cycle challenge of a lifetime, Vietnam won't fail to leave an indelible mark on you!

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Our SafeBase parenting programme supports adoptive families who are struggling to support their children

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