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TalkAdoption in Wales works with adopted children and young people aged 7-25 in South and West Wales.

We run two groups, meeting on the last Saturday of every month in Cardiff. The groups are for children aged 7-10 years and young people aged 11-25 years.  

Children and young people take part in all sorts of different activities including art and music workshops, circus skills and indoor climbing to name but a few. We've even been sailing!

As well as fun and creative activities, the young people are involved in producing materials for their peers and professionals and speaking to prospective adopters and professionals about their experiences.  In November 2014, they spoke about their experience of adoption at the launch of the National Adoption Service at the Sennedd, Cardiff. The young people were also supported to organise and hold a film premiere which parents and professionals attended. This was a fantastic opportunity for the young people to showcase their film “We Know about Adoption – Do you?” The film was made by the young people and highlights their thoughts and feelings around adoption. 

TalkAdoption is the only group of its kind in the region and offers adopted children and young people a safe space to meet, and aims to improve young people's self-confidence and reduce their sense of isolation through group activities and discussion. It also provides an important opportunity for children and young people to have their voices heard by the wider community, by professionals involved in adoption, their peers, and teachers at school

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Past Events

Keynote Speech at After Adoption's Annual Conference (April 2013)

A group of seven young people from the TALKadoption group in Wales were invited to talk about their experiences of adoption and their thoughts of TALKadoption as part of a keynote delivered at After Adoption's annual national conference at the Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff. The keynote, titled 'Supporting young people through engagement in creative activities and groups' was spoken to nearly 100 conference delegates, including Children's Commissioner for Wales, Keith Towler who wrote about this in his blog (available to view on the right). During a break, some of the young people caught Keith to directly speak to him about some of the issues they feel most strongly about (pictured). The young people's keynote received some of the most positive feedback of the whole day, and some of the content from the presentation is below.

Click here to read Keith Towler's blog

What did you think when you first heard about TALKadoption?

"I thought TALKadoption was a great idea when I was first told about it, as I hadn't had any other help before this group, and it was a chance for me to meet other adopted people which I'd never had the experience of doing before. I was so excited as I feel so strongly about others being educated about adoption, and I knew that being involved in a group like this, would help me to express what I really feel and to help others understand the situation adopted people have to deal with."

What do you enjoy about coming to TALKadoption and what makes you come back each time?

"I love the fact that I can come to the group meetings, and not have to feel any different to anyone else there. I also love how there are two very enthusiastic youth workers who are interested in adoption and adopted people, and who will listen to us and try to help us feel less different in every way possible. I also enjoy the activities done at the sessions, which have helped me dramatically to build up my self-esteem and confidence, when talking about adoption to other people. What I enjoy most about coming to TALKadoption is the feeling of not having to worry what people think about me being adopted."

What is it like to be with other young people who are adopted?

"To me it feels like you have a second family. People you can trust. Someone you can talk to about anything you want, someone there for you and can actually understand how you're feeling and have gone through exactly the same things as you."

What difference has coming to TALKadoption made to you?

"Since coming to the TALKadoption group I have been able to meet new people of different ages who have had a similar or completely different experiences in the theme (adoption) [...] Before coming to this group I didn't really think much of being adopted but since joining the group I have realised what the benefits of being adopted are. It has made me realise that it isn't just me who has gone through similar circumstances but a lot of people. It has also joined a lot of people to form a sort of family. I really cannot thank the youth leaders enough for creating such a good thing which has brought us all together and made all of this possible and to help young adopted people share experiences in the knowledge that they will have fun at the same time."


Graffiti Workshop

Following the graffiti workshop in October 2010, the young people were able to create their own graffiti canvas, reflecting their identity. This was supported by a local graffiti artist.


Music and Singing Workshop

Instruments of all descriptions were used to write and create a piece of music focusing on the young people's experience of adoption and identity. The workshop was facilitated by a local musician who was also an adopted person.


Play in a Day Theatre Workshop

The young people were challenged to create a whole play in a day. They wererequired to write, direct, act and perform in collaboration with the Taking Flight Theatre Company, Cardiff.


Graffiti Project (October 2010)

A graffiti workshop was held in Cardiff for a group of young adopted people aged 13-18. Undertaken in collaboration with Bryce Davies from Peaceful Progress, the aim was to engage the young people in a creative way to address the issue of identity. This produced a fantastic piece of large graffiti board artwork which has since been displayed at 'A Celebration of Adoption', held at the Senedd on Wednesday 3rd November, during National Adoption Week 2010 and at our National Conference in April 2011. This pilot formed the basis for the application for a project working with young adopted people in Wales; TALKadoption Wales.

Graffiti Wall

Testimonials from TALKadoption Wales

I could talk to people who understood how I feel - Adopted Young Person

I think today was brilliant! I was able to chat about my troubles which I haven't been able to do before and I have made a lot of new friends. I love it here, I would love to come again. I never thought I would meet so many people who understand me - Adopted Young Person

At TALKadoption my son finds a place where he can talk openly and honestly about the issues which are important to him, especially in relation to his experiences of being adopted and all that entails, with no fear of being laughed at or misunderstood or simply ignored - Adoptive Parent

Although we didn't talk about being adopted specifically, it was good to simply spend time with other children who know what it is to be adopted and are on the same wavelength - Adopted Young Person


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