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TalkAdoption Midlands aims to engage young adopted people (0-21) living in the Midlands. Through residential camps, groups, activities and workshops, we aim to reduce social isolation and anxiety and create opportunities to meet new people.

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Meet the TalkAdoption Midlands team!

Meet Nansy


Hello! My name is Nansy and I am the project assistant in the TalkAdoption and Short Breaks projects in the Midlands.

We have a duty of care and are here to ensure that our activities can integrate everyone and meet individual needs. We provide quality, health and safety but most of all new experiences and fun!

Come and join us and become a part of our ever-growing family!






Past Events

Art Day
The TALKadoption group joined artist, Ruth, to explore their artistic side through a variety of relaxed activities. These included sock puppet making, creating paper decorations and designing story books! This was followed by a picnic lunch where families were able to stay and chat with friends.


2 Part Creative Photography Workshop
This workshop was held in 2 parts. In the first workshop, young people were given the chance to use the cameras and take photographs, exploring different angles and lighting settings, based around the theme of identity. In preparation for the second workshop, they took the cameras home to photograph meaningful things to them. These photographs were then printed out during the second workshop and the young people got creative in displaying them in a personal scrapbook!


Second Steering Group Meeting
The second Steering Group meeting continued with the planning and sharing of ideas for future TALKadoption projects. The group also discussed what issues around adoption they would like explore.  


Animal Family Day
The TALKadoption group joined Angie and her animals for a fun filled family day - the zoo that comes to you! Young people were able to hold and stroke a variety of different animals and were given information about each one. After the event, families stayed for lunch and shared their experiences of the day. 


Six Sessions - Teens Group 
Adopted young people, aged 12-16, got together to talk about their experiences of being adopted and to develop their self esteem through 6 themed sessions. Each theme was explored through a variety of fun activities including art, music and photography. The sessions gave young people the chance to meet other adopted teenagers as well as be able to explore adoption and gain support from one another.   


African Drumming Workshop

Adopted children aged 0-11 years and their families joined professional drumming expert, Sarah, and the TALKadoption staff in creating music and rhythm with a range of authentic African drums.


First Steering Group Meeting
The first Steering Group meeting gave young people the opportunity to voice their views on the TALKadoption projects and the issues that arise for them in adoption. Young people were able to get involved with the planning of different projects by sharing what activities they enjoyed and giving suggestions of what they would like to do in the future with the group.  


Residential Autumn Camp for 12-15 year olds
Young people joined the TALKadoption residential camp, ready to face new and exciting challenges! They took part in a variety of activities such as indoor climbing, 3g swing and a zip wire. The young people encouraged each other to have a go at the different activities and they were able to accomplish daring challenges that they didn't think they could!


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