Quality and Compliance

Cost cutting measures - your ideas welcome!


Following a recent review of our copier account it has been brought to our attention that there is a high number of colour prints being printed compared to those being printed in mono and this is uncharacteristically high. We pay 0.004p per mono copy as opposed to 0.04p per colour copy which, as you can see, can mean quite an increase to our print bill (i.e. colour prints cost ten times as much as mono prints). We understand that there will be times when colour printing is required but would ask that during a time when we are trying to cost save, that before you print, ask yourself do you:

1.       Really need to print the document out & 

2.       Does your document really need to be in colour?

We would ask you to reset your print function to mono and double sided as the default and only change this as and when you really need to print in colour.  If you need help setting this up then please speak with your administrator.  If you are still having trouble then please let Marie Prescott in HO know and she can arrange to reset these from the centre.

Use of Compliment Slips:

Only use compliments when necessary.  Sending internal documents with a note on a compliment slip is not necessary. We generate plenty of paper which can be recycled for such purposes. Please bear in mind that each compliment slip used costs us 8p!

Supermarket/store purchases:

As a charity, we know that we need to be frugal with our expenditure.  We will not be reimbursing for purchases of 5p carrier bags through expenses claims.  If you know that you are going out to make project purchases etc – plan ahead and take bags with you.  If your office needs some of the blue After Adoption bags then please let head office know and we can arrange to have some sent over.

By planning carefully and by putting cost cutting measures in place we can all help in reducing the waste and unnecessary expenditure being made.  As you know every penny counts and pennies soon make pounds

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