Work with current birth parents

Working with birth parents is an essential part of the work we do. Ever since After Adoption started, we have been at the forefront of developing services with birth parents including:

  • One to One support
  • Group work with other birth parents
  • Final contact support meeting
  • Life story work
  • Intermediary services for those making contact with their children
  • Counselling to address issues raised by adoption
  • Letterbox contact support

At After Adoption, we are keen to ensure that the work we do is built around the outcomes that you are trying to achieve. We can work in partnership with you to build a tailored service which meets their outcomes and brings our extensive expertise and support to your local area.

What we provide

Our individual support for each local authority starts with research on the geographical and social issues in the local area and an initial meeting to look at how we could build a partnership together to reach the outcomes you would like to achieve.

From this, we will work with you to develop a programme of support which can meet the needs of the birth parents in your local area.

We can get involved in the work which you want to do at a stage which is appropriate to you.

We do not provide an advocacy service for birth parents which allows us to maintain independence and support for people throughout the adoption process.

All packages include access to and local promotion of Birth Ties, our national freephone helpline staffed by trained counsellors. Through this service, we have trained counsellors available to support birth parents to talk about their situation and consider the issues which are surrounding it.

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