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Working with Families that Last, we have been very impressed with their professional service in placing children with individual needs. We are very confident that After Adoption can offer these families the right support at the right time to help them thrive.
Local Authority Partner 

After Adoption has worked in partnership with almost half of Local Authorities in England and Wales to find families for children in care and provide adoption support services. 

In the past 12 months we have placed 31 children, all with complex needs. 
We have placed children who:
  • are in sibling groups of 2 and 3
  • have significant medical needs
  • have significant behavioural needs
  • are older children - up to 10 and 11
  • have previously experienced placement breakdown
  • have experienced significant trauma before entering care

We are now recruiting adopters from the West Midlands 

We are pleased to announce our family finding service has expanded into the West Midlands area. We are now actively recruiting adopters from this region.


Our Model of Family Finding

We have 13 years' experience of child specific recruitment and have developed a comprehensive integrated adoption support service - part of which is nominated for this year's National Adoption Week Awards.
We have a dedicated marketing department to produce still and film profiles and carry out targeted recruitment activities. A recruitment plan is put in place for each individual child. The team has proven success in finding families for children with complex needs.
Assessment and preparation
We assess and prepare within the prescribed timescales while ensuring rigour and quality. The integrated adoption support service provides initial input in preparing the prospective adopters to understand the needs of the child and the services they can access before and after placement.
Placement and integrated adoption support
A full menu of support is provided to the family following placement, tailored to the needs of the child and the strengths of the family. This will include the SafeBase parenting programme, in addition to support for education and training for family and friends.


Child Specific Recruitment and IAAM Enhanced Family Finding

After Adoption operates 2 routes: Child Specific Recruitment and IAAM. Both include the following services:
  • Film and still profiles of the child with input from the child's social worker and carer
  • Comprehensive recruitment plan for the child
  • (IAAM only) an assessment conducted by the South London and Maudsley (SLaM) Hospital which will draw all existing assessments of the child together, review this in the context of a multidisciplinary assessment of the child at the SLaM Centre and produce an authoritative report on the child and their therapeutic needs
  • 24 – hour Helpline
  • Buddying
  • Respite care and adoption camps
  • Family network development
  • Support for therapeutic parenting through our SafeBase Parenting Programme, including
    • Developmental re-parenting
    • Attachment
    • The impact of early life trauma on brain development and subsequent behaviour
    • Managing challenging behaviour
    • Safe caring of children whose behaviour is particularly challenging
    • The impact of secondary trauma, self-care and managing stress as parents
    • Additional modules specifically related to the needs of a particular child e.g. autism
  • Appropriate training focussed on and involving other members of the adopter’s household, and key members of the adopter’s support network
  • Appropriate training for those also involved in caring for the child, including a Learning Support Assistant, teacher, nursery staff.


Commissioning adoption services

To find out how After Adoption's Families that Last services could help improve outcomes for the children in your Local Authority's care, please contact us - details are on the right hand side of the page.


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