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Following on from the Family Session, we’ll send you information about the nearest SafeBase programmes in your area so you can choose which is the most convenient for you.

The 4-day programme runs from 10am-4pm each day over a two week period, e.g. week one: Wednesday and Thursday, week two: Wednesday and Thursday. Lunch and refreshments are provided each day.

Parents/carers are given a SafeBase Handbook at the start of the programme to support their learning and a certificate of completion at the end.

The 4-day Therapeutic Parenting programme:

  • Explores the relationships within the family, the child’s family of origin and other significant attachment figures
  • Helps parents and carers to consider their own past experiences and how these may impact on their parenting
  • Teaches parents and carers to understand the reasons for their children’s challenging behaviours
  • Provides practical techniques and strategies to meet these challenges and improve the quality of family life
  • Offers families the opportunity to share and learn from others’ experience

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