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SafeBase is a 3-part programme which includes:

1. A Family Session

A filmed session takes place at an arranged venue close to your home. This provides a unique opportunity for observing the interaction between you and your child. We then arrange a follow-up feedback session. This provides a valuable insight to your strengths as a parent and ways in which you can build on these strengths and manage the challenges that your child may present.

2. The 4-day Parenting Programme

This programme is designed to help you better understand your child and their behaviours, and also gives you practical techniques that will help you to feel more competent and effective as a parent/carer. Parents/carers who have been on the programme comment that it has helped them understand their children better and has made them more confident parents. They often tell us that they now feel more hopeful for their future as a family.

3. Ongoing Parent Support Groups

We provide on-going support, including regional topic based groups, which enable you to meet up with other SafeBase parents and carers. You will also have access to an online community where you can share your experiences with other families.

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Part 1: The Family Session

The Family Session is a tool based on the principles of Theraplay®. It is used to help you understand the interactions within your family.

Part 2: 4-Day Therapeutic Programme

Following on from the Family Session, we send you information about the nearest SafeBase programmes in your area so you can choose which is the most convenient for you.

How to access SafeBase

Our aim is to make SafeBase available to all adoptive families in the UK. So, no matter where you live or what your financial circumstances are, please get in touch so that we can work with you to help you access a SafeBase programme.

Part 3: Ongoing Support

Once parents have completed the programme, they are invited to attend a 2-hour parent support group, led by the SafeBase trainers.

SafeBase Therapeutic Parenting Programme

SafeBase is After Adoption’s flagship therapeutic parenting programme for all adoptive families. It creates a strong foundation for loving and lasting relationships.

SafeBase in the Teenage Years

SafeBase in the Teenage Years is our 1-day therapeutic parenting course for parents of teenagers.

SafeBase for Schools

SafeBase for Schools is based on After Adoption’s successful SafeBase therapeutic parenting programme for adopted families. It aims to help schools effectively support adopted pupils, and those in care, to reach their potential.

Adoption Support Services

Our Adoption Support Services ensure that everyone affected by adoption has the support they need to live happier lives.

TalkAdoption for adopted young people

TalkAdoption is our national support service for adopted children and young people. We provide regular activities that offer a safe and supportive space for young adopted people to meet, have fun and have an opportunity to explore issues that are important to them.

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