Helping young people reach their potential.

SafeBase for Schools is based on After Adoption’s successful SafeBase therapeutic parenting programme for adopted families. It aims to help schools effectively support young adopted pupils to reach their potential.

Many adopted children who have faced early childhood adversity find it difficult to trust and build secure attachments. Therefore teachers and schools have a vital role to play in helping these children.

SafeBase for Schools will inform schools about adoption, its impact on the child, their school and the pupil’s ability to learn.

It also aims to educate staff about attachment difficulties, and early life neglect and abuse, and how this shapes brain development and the child’s response to stress and learning capacity.

School staff will come away understanding the challenges adopted children face and have practical strategies to help these children reach their full potential in the classroom, build friendships, and feel more stable with a strong sense of who they are.


SafeBase for Schools provides practical strategies for support, including:

  • Supporting pupils though transition and change
  • Keeping calm and teaching self-regulation
  • Managing conflict and shame
  • Building friendships
  • Building a bridge between home and school


Key benefits of the programme for children:

  • The child feels more supported
  • The child is happier and more stable, better able to learn and progress
  • The child has an improved sense of identity and confidence


Key benefits for schools:

  • Teaching staff are more confident in dealing positively with children who have faced early childhood adversity
  • Improved ability to respond appropriately to children’s needs and behaviours
  • Improvement in children’s learning and development
  • Improved classroom management and reduction in disruptive behaviours

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After Adoption has produced a range of resources for everyone affected by adoption, as well as professionals.

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