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Searching for an adopted relative

Finding out that a brother, sister or other relative has been adopted can be a surprising and unexpected experience for people. At After Adoption we can help you to deal with this and to try to find your adopted relative.

To find out more or begin the search, contact our free ActionLine on 0800 0 568 578.

We will then contact you to talk about how to move forward with the process. There are three stages in our approach:

Stage 1 – Get in touch with us and we can start the search with you. The first stage will involve verifying your identity, establishing which adoption agency carried out the adoption and making initial enquiries to the General Register Office.

Stage 2 – After we are happy that we have established your identity and have found out a little of your story, we can then move on to searching for your adopted relative. This can include purchasing up to two certificates e.g. birth certificates and making contact with different organisations including the original adoption agency

Stage 3 – Once we are happy that we have found your adopted relative, we can then make initial approaches to them and invite them to make contact with us. You have to bear in mind at this stage that your adopted relative may not know that they have other birth family members and, therefore, may not want any contact from you. Part of our service will include the offer of counselling for your adopted relative.

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Volunteer for us

Volunteer for us

Volunteering for us can help make a real difference to people affected by adoption. Click here to find out more.

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Attend an Exploring Adoption event to find out more about adopting a child

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