Our Impact

Whenever one person is helped by the work that we do, we feel we have made an important difference. Over the last year, we have

  • Saved the taxpayer over £4.5million in potential costs through our SafeBase Parenting Programme
  • Supported 98% of our adoptive families to stay together long term
  • Helped more than 800 people find family members they had been separated from through the process of adoption
  • Found a family for 90% of the children we work with
  • Worked with birth mothers in prison to deal with their issues around adopting and saved the taxpayer £150,000 per person, per year
  • Supported over 6000 through our ActionLine Helpline

Building on this, our aims and objectives for the next financial year are

  • To support over 200 families (300+ children) through our SafeBase parenting programme
  • To support 800 people through the search and reunion process
  • To find homes for over 50 children through our Families that Last family finding service
  • To support current birth parents who are struggling to come to terms with the adoption of their child

Some of the comments we have received about our work include

"The service that After Adoption provides has been absolutely life saving for me. I really don’t like to think what would have happened had I not been introduced to them. They have a knowledge and understanding of all aspects of adoption and provide the right kind of help". Jane, Adoptive Parent

"After Adoption is an inspiration and its ethos of good practice, support and knowledge should be a leading national model" Gemma*, Adoptive Parent

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